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From Scandinavian blondes with minimalist tendencies to vintage loving New Yorkers and edgy Aussies beauties, we as Sydney woman are swarming in a parade of daily style and inspiration from around the globe.

The “it” girl: what does it take to become society’s most wanted? Well this deeply discerning yet boundless question certainly serves no righteous purpose other than the purpose that you define it to be! And it is this philosophy that has inspired Esq in such a manner that has come to characterise the integrity of the brand!

I may be dramatic from time to time but I’m certainly not exaggerating when I say that Sydney has spiraled out of materialised control- we love our Sunday cocktails overlooking Sydney city and we love watching it all behind our Celine sunglasses. It seems as though Sydney’s obsession with the ‘good life’ is making it incredibly hard to feed my bank account! It’s a strange magnetism that attracts both sexes as we become further entrenched in the abstract, enigmatic concept of high end, luxury fashion!   

Ah Esq, what a beautifully unique cacophony of design, style and versatility- an eclectic blend of modern values that reflects the dynamic interests of its young yet tasteful female audience. Given the appropriate appeal of high-end brand quality, Esq encapsulates the concept of classic yet modern designs in an expression of creativity, which is climbing to international prominence!

Esq isn’t just a brand; it’s a personality- one that encourages individual flair! The collection introduces you to a world of style that has been carefully crafted to cater for the broad range of personal styles ingrained in each of us. 

Just look around you- Sydney is a mantra for diversity. From Palmer and Co. to the Darlo Country Club and my new personal favourite, Seadeck, Sydney women have positioned themselves at the pinnacle of the fashion and lifestyle game.

Speaking from a clear minority, I’m eagerly awaiting the cold weather to gather traction so I can pull out my most treasured winter pieces- long leather boots, structured coats and Hermes silk scarves! However a woman is never fully dressed without her jewels- with an Esq layered gold necklace paired with three ring sets (because one is never enough) and my favourite gold hoops, I know I’ll have exceeded the standard for my definition of thread etiquette.

Esq’s authenticity has encapsulated a moment in time- whatever trend immortalizes as the embodiment of this decade, Esq will be there at the forefront posing as a brand that champions the liberated and poised woman!    

Remember, fashion is a way of expressing your personality without even saying a word. So…. What are people saying about you the moment you walk away?

Celebrate you!

Much love,