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Care & Materials Guide


The Esq Jewellery range carries pieces of 925 sterling silver rhodium plated, 18K gold plated, 14K & 9K solid gold jewellery. Details of each piece, including materials and dimensions, can be found in their respective descriptions available online. 

The gold-plated range will not rust or turn blue or green on the skin. Plated pieces can be worn everyday however, if care isn't taken as per our guidelines, plated pieces will fade faster over time.

Please note that all Esq Jewellery pieces are 925 true sterling silver, and therefore need to be stored correctly to avoid any oxidation (a naturally occurring chemical process in which silver is exposed to high moisture or humid conditions and not given the opportunity to breath). We strongly recommend not keeping your piece enclosed for lengthy periods of time, and instead air out your piece in a  dry environment where possible. Oxidation is a surface treatment 

14K & 9K solid gold jewellery is designed for everyday wear & will not fade. These pieces are resistant to water, moisture & sweat but Esq recommends with any jewellery regardless of material to avoid perfumes, hand sanitisers, fake tan, moisturisers, direct sunlight and chemicals.




Each piece of Esq jewellery is of a fine and delicate nature, and customers are advised to take extra care to ensure the longevity of their piece:

  • Keep jewellery dry at all times and avoid contact with saltwater, chlorine, perfumes, moisture, sweat and body products as these can tarnish and damage your jewellery.
  • Take your piece off when showering.
  • No fake tan!
  • Take rings off when sanitising your hands.
  • Avoid extreme heat and the elements
  • For plated jewellery, extra care needs to be taken as wear and tear and may cause the plating to rub off.

Esq Jewellery pieces are made to last, and we want you to love and wear your piece! We recommend that you treat each piece with care as even the highest quality materials can snap or break if handled aggressively. Extreme bending, force or rough handling is not a manufacturing fault and Esq Jewellery will not be responsible for replacing mishandled products.

Please see Esq Jewellery’s Warranty Guide for more information, or contact us at