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Custom Oval Signet Rings

A bespoke custom-made ring designed to celebrate you, or someone you love.

Hurry! These rings will exclusivesly be available in limited quantities during this gifting season.

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Choose from 925 sterling silver or 14K solid gold


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Our master jeweller will be working alongside our team to carefully craft each signet ring order.

As each signet ring is unique in size and initial, he will be creating each ring to-order to ensure beautiful craftmanship.

Please allow up to 14 business days for your piece to be created by hand. All orders are then dispatched with free express shipping.


Our Baby Initial signet rings will be exclusively available in limited quantities during this holiday season.

At Esq, we value the art of slow fashion processes. Meticulously crafted in-house, these rings are more than just accessories; they are heirlooms in the making, a piece that transcends trends.

Made to last;

Choose from our luxe 14K solid gold or 925 sterling silver. Both materials offer longevity & wearability as they are resistant to water, moisture and the elements.

These are designed as a treausred keepsake, and using high-quality materials and methods ensure the longevity contributes to the beauty of your piece.

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